Copenhagen Experience 

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Born and raised in Denmark, we love to tell the stories about our wonderful country. We have been working as tour guides since 1996 and are still as passionate about it as ever!

It is our ambition to be the difference between reading details in a guidebook and giving a personal perspective of living in Denmark today.

For an easy and print friendly overview download our Tour Catalogue, or see all the tours in the menu bar to the left.

  • Nyhavn Canal

  • Discover Danish design, the food scene, spectacular castles and charming canals
  • Undestand the concept of “Hygge” and why the Danes are amongst the happiest people in the world 
  • Learn about what made the country into what it is, caused by historical events
  • What makes the Danes different

You can explore the city of Copenhagen in different ways:

  • By walking, you will see more details
  • By driving, you will experience more sights
  • Or a combination of both

Shore Excursions – All you need to know
Copenhagen has become one of the largest Cruise destinations in Northern Europe, and a great way to see the Scandinavian countries as well as the Baltics. Therefore we offer Shore Excursions, including all the highlights of our capital. We will pick you up by your ship or hotel and end the tour at the airport or visa versa.

Excursions outside Copenhagen
On some of our tours we will leave Copenhagen and tell you all about either the Vikings, Royal Castles or Jewish life in Denmark.

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