Meet the Vikings 


TOUR PRICE: US$ 1.375 – Tour price includes 1-6 participants. 
For more than 6 people the price is additional USD 75 per guest.
THE PRICE INCLUDES: A driver in a limousine/van and a professional guide for 5 hours.
STARTING POINT: At your request
STARTING TIME: At your request
TOUR ENDS: Back in Copenhagen

  • Viking Ship Museum

Meet your driver and guide in the lobby of your hotel, cruise ship or airport and head out for an amazing journey to the 1000-year old city of Roskilde, once the capital of Denmark.

Visit to the Viking Ship Museum
The Viking Ship Hall is beautifully placed on Roskilde Harbour. A giant window and sweeping views over the fjord creates a background, that are connecting the ships to the water, once again. The experience is undisturbed and gives room for immersion and fantasy. Feel the presence of history when you stand before the five original Viking ships that bear witness to war, trade and sea voyages to distant places. 
The Viking Ship Museum focuses on the Vikings’ maritime craftsmanship and their impressive ships. 
Follow the work in the Boatyard, visit the large boat collection in the Museum Harbour and try your hand at Viking crafts. 
The great influence the Vikings had in Denmark and worldwide will be clear to you on this tour. 

Lunch at Restaurant Rådhuskælderen
You will enjoy lunch at the Restaurant Rådhuskælderen next to the Cathedral. The restaurant is located in the basement of the ancient City Hall on the main square in the very heart of Roskilde. 

Visit to the Cathedral of Roskilde
Experience an architectural masterpiece, where 1000 years of Danish history lies buried under beautifully decorated vaults and in dark crypts. You can explore the entire Danish Royal history in one place with the tombs of 40 kings and queens.  
Roskilde Cathedral has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

Tour ends in the city center.

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