Copenhagen Experience

Having grown up in Denmark, we take great pleasure in sharing the captivating tales of our beautiful homeland.

Since 1996, Copenhagen Experience has been offering exclusive tours and programs to tourists and travel agents in Copenhagen and North Zealand.

Our dedicated guides offer an intimate glimpse into everyday life in present-day Denmark. On our tours, you’ll unravel a wealth of insights beyond what guidebooks and internet searches can provide.

Discover Copenhagen like never before

Your guide to the perfect Copenhagen Experience

Denmark consistently ranks among the world’s happiest nations. Copenhagen, repeatedly hailed as the best capital to reside in, boasts vibrant neighborhoods like Nørrebro, recognized among the trendiest globally.

What sets this 850-year-old city apart, drawing over 6.5 million visitors annually?

  • Is it the millennium-old monarchy?
  • Innovative architectural marvels?
  • Commitment to sustainable living?
  • Renowned Danish design?
  • Thriving culinary landscape?
  • Embrace of “hygge” lifestyle?

In truth, it’s a harmonious blend of all these elements – the fusion of tradition with modernity, creativity with sustainability, ensuring Copenhagen’s unique appeal.

Copenhagen Experience is your gateway to uncovering these distinctive characteristics of our capital and country.