Copenhagen Experience

Born and raised in Denmark, we love sharing the many exciting stories about our wonderful country.

Since 1996 Copenhagen Experience has provided tourists and travel agents with unique tours and programs in Copenhagen and North Zealand. 

Our guides will give you a very personal perspective on living in Denmark today, and on our tours you will discover much more than you can read in a guidebook or searching the internet.

Discover Copenhagen like never before

Your guide to the perfect Copenhagen Experience

Denmark is ranked among the world’s most happy people.
Copenhagen has been voted the best capital to live in multiple times, and neighbourhoods like Nörrebro in the heart of the city has been nominated among the coolest in the world.

So, what makes this 850-year-old city so special that more than 6,5. Million people visit Copenhagen every year?

-Is it the 1000-year-old monarchy?
-innovative architecture? 
-sustainable living? 
-amazing Danish design?
-incredible food scene?
-or perhaps the concept of hygge?

The truth is….It´s a combination of all-of the above. The ability to merge new and old, tradition with innovation and creativity with sustainability.

Copenhagen Experience is your partner in the exploration of all of these unique qualities our capital and country and has to offer.