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Jewish Rescue Route

TOUR PRICE: US$ 1.375 – Tour price includes 1-6 participants.
For more than 6 people the price is additional USD 75 per guest.
THE PRICE INCLUDES: A driver in a limousine and professional Jewish guide for 5 hours.
STARTING POINT: At your request
STARTING TIME: At your request
TOUR ENDS: In the city center
ENTRANCE FEESAre included in the tour price

On the Rescue Route Tour you will hear the amazing story of how the Danes saved their Jewish community from the hands of the Nazis during World War II. Our guide will also give you an introduction to Danish Jewish history, from first arrivals til present day.

Visit inside the Copenhagen Synagogue

The Great Synagogue of Copenhagen is defined by its unique architecture around the Ark which house the Torah-scrolls. The synagogue has been tha main center for Jewish life in Denmark since it was erected in 1833. It is one of a few synagogues of its period to use Egyptian elements in the columns, ceiling and cornice over the ark.

Visit to the Danish-Jewish Museum

The world renowned architect Daniel Libeskind’s characteristic architecture will take you through 4 centuries of Danish Jewish culture. The Museum is named ’Mitzvah’, which in Hebrew means “good deed”. This name was chosen to honor the rescue of most of the Danish Jews during the war. Walking through the museum, you will feel like you are walking on the deck of a boat, another reference to the miraculous rescue.

During the tour we will pass Copenhagen landmarks such as:

  • City Hall
  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Parliament, Christiansborg Palace
  • Round Tower
  • Royal Palace, Amalienborg
  • The Old Stock Exchange
  • The Pedestrian Mall ”Ströget”

Visit to the fishing village of Dragör

It was mostly brave Danish fishermen, who helped more than 95 % of the Jewish population in Denmark to safety in Sweden. Many escaped through the hamlet Dragör on small boats such as the fishing boat “Elisabeth”.
In Dragör your guide will share their family history and tell you all about those dreadful, dark nights in October and November ’43 where more than 7,000 Danish Jews were ferried to safety in Sweden across the Öresund.


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